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Erik Bedard to Mets?

It appears that the Mets traded for Ryan Church in hopes that Church would put their trade including Phillip Humber and Aaron Heilman over the top to acquire Erik Bedard. Personally, I think it would take a lot more that those three to acquire Bedard. Despite finishing the season on the disabled list, Bedard was 13-5 with a 3.16 ERA and 221 K. I think those numbers would improve with an NL team that produces, but the Orioles would only hurt the team with that trade. They should be looking at Fernando Martinez, Francisco Pena, or Kevin Mulvey.You add one of them to the deal and then it is pretty good. I'm sure the Mets will come into the meetings desperate to pull off a big trade, so this is possible. But for now, I think the Orioles will hold on to him so he can build up his value even more.