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Greetings From Cancun!

My Winter Break officially got underway when we arrived in Mexico today for the week. However, that does not mean the site will not be running. I have made arrangements to use the computer each day and plan to update you on whatever is going on. Here is the latest:

- The Phillies signed long time Cardinal So Taguchi. Taguchi has always been a solid reserve outfielder, hitting for average and known for having great speed. I think this signing indicates that Bobby Kielty is probably heading back to Boston.ç

- The Twins are expected to take final offers from each team interested in trading for Santana. It is similiar to the free agency process in Japan, where there is not much negotiation. Personally, I still do not think there will be a trade. If there was going to be one, it would have already had happened.

- The Orioles are backing down on the Orioles for Jay Bruce in a trade for Erik Bedard but are still asking for Joey Votto. I wouldn´t be surprised if they want Edinson Volquez, who they recently acquired from the Rangers, among other players. If I were the Reds, I would make this deal. Getting a front line starter would go a long way in that division.

- Roger Clemens would like to make it clear once again that he did not use steroid and I am still not buying it.

- More and more teams are starting to rely on rookies, as Dayn Perry writes. Teams like the Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, Reds, and Cubs are all loaded with rookies ready to go everyday. I think people should keep on eye out for Daric Barton, who was hitting the ball very well towards the end of the season.

- Despite Brewers GM Doug Melvin denying interest in making a trade, he continues to look for a third basman.

More details soon...