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Holiday Greetings: Mets Eying Pitchers

I hope everyone is still enjoying the holidays, I know I am. I'll be coming back from Mexico on Sunday and plan to get back to regular posting. I have a lot of interviews set up for January, and plan to continue my regular radio talk show. But here is what is making news today:

- The Royals added catcher Miguel Olivio to their roster. Solid addition for the Royals considering he has killed them the past couple of years.

- The Angels are no longer interested in Scott Rolen and are preparing extensions for players Vlad Guerrero and Francisco Rodriguez.

- The Mets have had extended discussions with former Phillies pitchers Kyle Lohse and Jon Lieber. I know a lot of Mets fans have been discouraged by lack of movement from Omar Minaya, but I'm confident after talks with a Mets executives that moves are coming.

- The White Sox are looking for another bench player, according to sources. That wouldn't be a bad addition, especially if it is a veteran, but we'll determine if it is good or bad when they make a move.

- The Reds are waiting on the Orioles in a trade for Erik Bedard.

More details soon...