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Iguchi Decision Coming Next Week

Although talks have picked up between the Rockies and Tadahito Iguchi, a decision isn't expected until next week. Iguchi definitely wants to play where he is comfortable, and right now he feels most comfortable at second base. The Phillies are offering a contract to play third base, assuming they will be able to trade Wed Helms, probably back to the Marlins. However, the Rockies, among other teams, are offering a long term deal to play second base. Although Iguchi batted .267 with 9 HR and 43 RBI, he has batted .299 at home in his career, and that should improve playing at Coors Field, even though he does not have much experience there. The Brewers and Padres are showing interest in Iguchi, and we will know more on this when he returns from Tokyo, which will be next week.