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Kenny Lofton to St. Louis?

Since the Cardinals traded Jim Edmonds, they have contemplated options for their outfield alignment. They have thought about Colby Rasmus in center, but I think they will start him at Triple-A, and if he does well then give him a call up. I think teams will start doing that with their prospects after seeing players like Ryan Braun thrive. However, the Cardinals have never been ones to rush their prospects and from what I am hearing, are interested in bringing in Kenny Lofton as a one year stop gap. Lofton has proved he can play just about anywhere, and has experience against the NL Central. It would allow them to keep Rick Ankiel in right field and just slide Rasmus into playing everyday by 2009. Lofton has always been very consistent, holding a career average of .299 over 17 big league seasons. He batted .296 last season with 7 HR, 38 RBI, and 23 SB in 136 games with the Rangers and Indians in 2007, and is still a good fielder. I think it would be a good move for the Cardinals, but I have always been a Kenny Lofton fan. I plan to call around over the next day or so to see what I can pick up, but I haven't picked up much interest in Lofton. I think teams that might benefit from him include the Twins, White Sox (as a fallback), Orioles, Braves, Cubs (to platoon with Pie), and maybe Padres. I think one reason why teams do not have much interest is because there are young players available. Andre Ethier is available, on the market, Corey Patterson is available. I think Lofton will find a home, but probably not any time soon, and it will have to a reduced price.