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Mets Cool On Hernandez, Eye Lohse

The Mets have pulled out of the running for Livan Hernandez and are now focusing in on Kyle Lohse. This comes as no surprise because Lohse has experience against the NL East after pitching with the Phillies, and has expressed his desire to stay in the NL and go to a competitor. Although I consider the Phillies the front-runner in the division, Lohse has no problem jumping to the rival Mets. It is believed that the Phillies had no interest in going over a Kuroda type deal for Lohse, while he is looking for a four year deal, worth 40-45 million dollars. Lohse is 29, and is 63-74 in 218 career games.

Cubs, Orioles Trade False: Contrary to reports that the Cubs have completed a trade for Brian Roberts, I spoke with a close source to the team who told me that is false. He did say there have been talks, but nothing is too close as of right now. I am speculating that a trade involves Sean Gallagher, and two of three players that include Eric Patterson, Matt Murton, and Jake Fox.