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Mitchell Report Expected Tomorrow

Tomorrow, former Senator George Mitchell will release the results of his committee's 20-month investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the MLB. The report says that between 60-80 people will be named, and it has been reported that the list contains All-Stars, and even a few MVP's. The break through in the investigation was when long time Mets batboy Kirk Radomski agreed to help in the investigation. Radomski pleaded guilty to providing players with performance-enhancing drugs during his time as batboy. Players that have been named already include Jose Guillen and Jay Gibbons, and we will know more of them tomorrow.

At the Winter Meetings, I had the opportunity to talk with a few General Managers and high ranking executives, who did not seem too worried about the report. One executive told me that he does not think it will have too much of an effect on free agent signings, or trades. However, one told me that he was anxious to see who will be named. I also wanted to get the side of the reporters, who also did not express much concern. While some speculated, even guessed who, they did not think it would have too much of an impact on the market. Jose Guillen, for example, still received a three year deal worth 36 million dollars after violating the league's joint drug prevention and treatment program.

This week, I emailed a few agents just to get their take on it. While I am anxious to see who will be named, I'm more anxious to see how the fans will react to a player on their team if named. One agent, who asked to remain anonymous said through email that, "I think it's more of a feeling of anxiety given the fact that you just really don't know how exposure of this nature is going to effect a client and his career. If the player is a front-line guy, then the effect would likely be minimal, in my opinion. If it's a marginal guy, then it could be used as an excuse for ending his career quickly." Another agent went on to say, "I haven't talked to anyone worried at all." So there is a degree of anxiety with it coming out, and I think there will be more to say come tomorrow afternoon.

The question I have is, after it is released, what is next? Will they continue to investigate, or does it stop. What will the Commissioners Office do? Offer harsher penalties? Maybe, but I still think some of it will continue. But who is at fault for all the steroid use? The teams blind judgment.The players poor decision making. MLB. I think all have some fault in this matter. As of right now, we cannot be sure the magnitude the Report will have on the game, but in 24-hours, we will know a lot more, and a lot of questions will have to be answered.