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Orioles Roberts to Cubs?

Despite pulling off several trades in the past couple years, the Cubs and the Orioles will not be able to pull this one off. After failing to sign Kaz Matsui, they are in the market for a lefty hitting second baseman. Brian Roberts, who is no longer considered untouchable, is name that could help the Cubs, but at a price. I'm sure they would initially ask for Felix Pie, just like they have in years past. But they will probably have to settle for a combination of Sean Marshall and another minor leaguer. Roberts batted .290 with 12 HR, 57 RBI, and 50 SB and is under contract till 2009. GM Jim Hendry will definitely be looking around this week, but they aren't too many accomplished lefty second baseman. He also plans to find a right fielder in the upcoming weeks, first setting sights on Japanese outfielder Kosuke Fukudome.