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Padres Outfield Taking Shape?

The Padres were surprised to hear that Kosuke Fukudome did not accept their offer, and are moving quickly to fill their spots. They have contacted both Geoff Jenkins and Mike Cameron in the past 24 hours and hope to sign both for next season. This could suggest that the Pirates are asking for too much in return for Jason Bay, or that the Padres would rather have a lefty in their lineup like Jenkins. One thing is for certain, the Padres are looking for two outfielders, and at least two more pitchers before Opening Day.

UPDATE: According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Padres are talking a deal with the Pirates that would send Jason Bay to the Padres. I suspect that Michael Barrett would be in the deal, along with Matt Antonelli.

Still something wrong with Prior?:
The Cubs seem more content with letting Mark Prior go after hearing that there is no guarantee that he will be back by May. More importantly, the Padres have cooled to the idea of bringing him in after reviewing his medical records. Prior is looking for three million dollars next year, but probably deserves a million at most, with incentives. I suspect the Cardinals, Rays, Mariners, and Royals to be some of the teams interested in bringing him in for a reduced price.