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Phillies Looking For Pitchers

After the Phillies missed out on pitcher Randy Wolf, they have become more determined to find a proven pitcher. They have shown interest in Aki Otsuka of the Rangers, but nothing has progressed as of yet. Otsuka ended the year on the disabled list, so the Phillies would probably like to review his medical records before making a move. They do have Brad Lidge, so if they acquire a closer they would probably have them battle it out for the closer spot in Spring Training. They have denied reports that they are talking with Morgon Ensberg, so they probably see the value in pitching over offense. They plan to look at Kris Benson, but from what I am hearing, they have some interest in free agent pitcher Mark Prior. They have the money to spend, and would like to put themselves ahead of the Mets in a year when the Mets have remained relatively quiet.

Phils also in on Jenkins: The Phillies and Padres are the finalists for Geoff Jenkins. Both stadiums are similiar in that Jenkins hasn't had much success at either, but we will see what happens.