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Quick Hits: Late Night In Nashville

According Amy Nelson of ESPN, the Red Sox are looking to trade for Brian Fuentes and would probably be willing to part with Jed Lowrie. Lowrie is currently blocked by Dustin Pedroia and doesn't seem to have a spot with the Red Sox. Seems like a good trade because the Rockies are looking for a second baseman.

The Phillies and Padres are interested Geoff Jenkins, Steve Wilson has informed me.

Jerry Crasnick thinks that Josh Hamilton is a good fit for the Cubs. However, it would take more than Sean Marshall to get it done. Maybe Sean Gallagher?

The Rangers are going after Jason Bay, Jon Daniels has confirmed.

The Padres are moving closer to a deal for either Mark Prior or Josh Towers. Towers seems more likely because the Cubs seem less willing to give him up.

The Yankees and Twins are meeting tonight to reach some sort of decision about this deal. If nothing happens, I think the Red Sox should pull their offer off the table as well.

The Tigers are interested in Matt Clement or Jason Jennings, along with an outfielder who can play all three positions. If Cameron Maybin does well, Jacque Jones could turn into that person.

Andruw Jones has received no offer from the Dodgers.

The Reds will consider bringing back Eric Milton,
as I reported at the end of the season.

Eric Gagne would like to return to Texas to be their closer.