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Reaction Time: Arms Race

The latest feature to the site is called "Reaction Time." This is when I will give you news from around the league, and react. I hope you will do the same and leave a comment:

More and more players have spoken out against Roger Clemens, including Goose Gossage.

REACTION: A lot of players speaking out against Clemens may show what kind of person he was during his career. For someone on the outside looking in, you can probably tell that he wasn't all about the team. Not only did he have a personal trainer away from the team, but he had a clause in his contract that allowed him not to come to games that he did not pitch in. He wasn't great with the media, and the steroid allegations will probably keep him out of the Hall of Fame until some of the smoke clears.

Some baseball executives are worried about performance enhancers in Australia.

REACTION: I don't think so. There are hardly any baseball players from Australia playing in the States. Not only that, but I have been talking with a player from Australia who told me that they barely know what is going on here. Maybe that would provoke them more, but it seems they are not climbing the minor-league system fast enough to suspect anything.

Twins GM Bill Smith just isn't ready to pull the trigger on a trade.

REACTION: This doesn't make sense to me. They are not willing to extend his contract and he has a full no-trade clause which he said he won't waive during the season. It is either several major league ready players, or two draft picks. They are not ready to make a playoff run next year and their only hope in doing so is reloading with young players.

The Tigers plan to offer a similar extension to new third baseman Miguel Cabrera.

REACTION: Another smart move on the Tigers part. Cabrera might get slightly a bit more because he has been more successful than Willis, but not too much. Probably a three year extension, worth 33-36 million dollars. I think the Tigers would put up a good fight against any AL team in the playoffs, and they are certainly better than most NL teams.

The Cubs closing in on Brian Roberts trade.

REACTION: I don't know why they feel the need to trade for a second baseman. Yes, DeRosa is a utility player who can play multiple positions, but with the addition of Fukudome, they do not have a spot to play him five days a week. Unless they try him at shortstop, which he does not play often. I think if they do acquire him, he will split time with Theriot and Pie mostly, but it will allow them to rest Lee and Soriano more as well. I'm not against a trade for Roberts, but DeRosa is very capable of being the Cubs everyday second baseman.

Is Prior really serious about the Astros?

REACTION: Yes, but he is leaning towards the Padres. I think it is a good move on the Astros part to try and reel him in. They are going after Kris Benson though, and probably do not want two, rehabbing pitchers on their staff.

Royals close in on Jon Lieber?

REACTION: I think they could do better, but adding a veteran pitcher cannot hurt. They are trying to build their young team around some solid veterans in hopes of changing the standings some in the AL Central. Although they are not ready for a playoff run, I think they are making all the right moves.

Reds table trade discussions for pitching.

REACTION: I think the Reds will not land either pitcher because they are not interested in parting with Jay Bruce, or Joey Votto. They do have prospects, but for a solid, number two or three pitcher only. Nevertheless, I would keep my eye on the Reds in 2008.