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Afternoon Update: Marlins Interested In Gonzalez

Got about ten minutes today and thought I should update my readers on what is happening today in baseball.

Marlins contact Gonzalez: The Marlins are showing interest in outfielder Luis Gonzalez, an indication that he is willing to a contract at a reduced price.

Rockies finalize deal with Giles: The Rockies and Marcus Giles have finalized a one year deal.

Cubs closing in on Roberts deal?: There is growing speculation that the Cubs and Orioles are moving closer to a trade that would send Brian Roberts to the Cubs for pitcher Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher, and Ronny Cedeno. It seems that they cooled on the outfielder idea which might suggest that a deal with the Mariners is also coming.

Giants Like Crede: The Giants have become more interested in third baseman Joe Crede after talks between them and Pedro Feliz have stalled. I think it is a good move, and they probably will not have to give up too much because the White Sox prefer Fields anyways.

More coming soon...