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Buyers Beware: Tom Gorzelanny

The latest feature will be running up until the season starts, and I will give you updates on players that you should stay away from as you prepare for your fantasy draft. Our first player, is Pirates pitcher Tom Gorzelanny. Gorzelanny was a bright spot in the Pirates rotation this season, and I am sure they hope he can repeat. However, although Gorzelanny was 14-10 with a 3.88 ERA in 32 starts, he had career highs in innings pitched and games played in his professional career since 2003. You could tell he was fatigued by the end of the season going 1-3 with a 5.77 ERA, but still pitched in 34.1 innings in six games.

RECOMMENDATION: I would not take him as your one or two starter, save him for the later rounds if still available. He should not be a pitcher you have to rely on a lot in your rotation, and you should not expect him to make thirty starts. A lot of pitchers put up career highs like Gorzelanny did, but Gorzelanny has had injury problems in the past that might come back if he continues to put a lot of stress on his arm, and continues to put up high pitch counts. You now know my recommendation, take it or leave it.