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Cards and Blue Jays finalize deal

The Cardinals and Blue Jays have officially swapped Troy Glaus and Scott Rolen, with the Blue Jays sending additional cash to the Cards. The trade seems pretty equal on the surface with both teams taking a risk on their new respective third basemen. Rolen has the bigger contract as well as shoulder troubles that limited him this past season. Even if his bat does slowly decline, he is a definite upgrade defensively for the Blue Jays. Glaus should put up respectable numbers in the Cards lineup as well as eliminating the clubhouse turmoil that was a result of the strained relationship between Tony La Russa and Rolen.

In other baseball Oakland and Atlanta have agreed on a trade that sends Mark Kotsay and cash to Atlanta in return for young relievers Joey Devine and Jamie Richmond. Devine is the gem of package for Oakland, a 24 year old flamethrower with a nasty slider. He struggled early with the Braves but may be on the verge of putting it all together. Kotsay seems like a risky investment for the Braves, possessing a big contract as well suffering from back problems last year. With the Braves and A's headed in opposite directions, the trade could be a win-win for both teams.