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Giants Eye Sweeney

Talks between Mike Sweeney and the Royals have slowed, and it looks like Mike Sweeney will look elsewhere for a job in 2008. Sweeney is just thirty-four, but struggled last season batting .260 with 7 HR and 38 RBI in seventy-four games. I think the Giants are looking at Sweeney as a platoon player with Dan Ortmeier, which would make sense because he put up similar numbers to Sweeney, but has more upside. Sweeney would probably have to take a one year deal, worth about 1-4 million dollars. I know that seems low, but if he wants a job this year he might have to drop from the eleven million he made last year. Personally, I think the Giants should pass on Sweeney. It does not make sense for the Giants to grab another aging player, they need to accept the fact that they are rebuilding and try to improve. They have cooled on the idea of trading Matt Cain, and are still looking for a third baseman while trying to improve their bullpen.