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Late Night Talks....

As we close on the 12th of January there is some new baseball news coming to me. According to Phil Rogers at the Chicago Tribune, he says the Orioles are still in talks with the Mariners and Cubs over players, and nothing is close just yet. He thinks the hold up in the Cubs trade could possibly be over Cubs prospects Tyler Colvin and Felix Pie. He thinks that if Pie or Colvin are in the deal that the Cubs could land both Bedard and Roberts. If they can and only give up one, I would do it. Phil Rogers agrees with what I said yesterday in that the Giants may take a look at Joe Crede. The Sox would like to trade him to make room for Josh Fields, and their asking price will not be too high. The Pirates are really excited about Ronny Paulino after his first workout since the end of the 2007 season. He lost fifteen pounds which, I think, will lead to a higher average and more homeruns.