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Mets Close In On Santana?

According to, the Mets are closing in on a trade that would bring Johan Santana to Shea Stadium. This does not surprise me at all. Omar Minaya is desperate to make an addition and is willing to deplete his system to do so. The deal reportedly includes Deolis Guerra, Carlos Gomez, Kevin Mulvey, Phil Humber and one other player. The deal is on hold for now because the Mets are not yet ready to give up Fernando Martinez in the deal as well. I think the Mets should try and offer Greg Veloz, a talented young middle infielder who has a high ceiling. If the Mets land Santana, that puts them close, if not ahead of the Phillies in 2008.

The one question is though: Is it worth the money and prospects for one player? Definitely not. But the "win-now" mentality that so many teams have adopted is really taking over. Teams like the Rays, Athletics, Twins, and Marlins (among others) are positioning themselves to compete within the next couple of years because they are trading big name players for prospects. A win for the Mets is also a win for the Red Sox because it means the Yankees did not get Santana, and he got out of the AL. It also is good for the Red Sox because it will allow them to finally trade Coco Crisp, then sign Bobby Kielty, and prepare for another, probably successful, 2008 season.

I think this trade is very close because more and more reports are coming out that a deal is close, and than the Yankees VP Hank Steinbrenner comes out and says they are not interested anymore. Well, I called it! I think that suggests that the Twins told the Yankees they are going in another direction and this is the Yankees way of clearing it up. I expect a deal to be done before the end of the month. They have to decide between players, reward a certain amount of negotiating rights, get it by the Commissioners Office, pass physicals, and then the final press conference. I do not think the Mets are the only ones still in the race, but it seems they are now the front-runners, for now.