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Mets Remain Interested In Hernandez

The Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox are still waiting on the Twins to make a deal, but no deal seems close at the moment. The Red Sox would love to have Johan Santana but have a six man rotation right now, so he is just a luxury, not a necessity. Who knows where Hank Steinbrenner stands anymore, but if they are interested, he would probably push Joba Chamberlain back to the bullpen to make room. The Mets appeared close to a deal just a week or so ago, but since the Twins asked for Fernando Martinez, their desire to get a trade done wearing off.

The Mets have had interest in free agent pitcher Livan Hernandez this whole off season. Talks never progressed very far, but they are believed to be picking up again now that the Twins are asking for Fernando Martinez. Hernandez was 11-11 with a 4.93 ERA in 33 games for the Diamondbacks last season, but his playoff performance and ability to rack up innings makes him more desirable. According to major league sources, Hernandez has backed off his demands some, which makes him even more desirable. Not only that, but he might be willing to take a discount to play his half-brother, Orlando Hernandez, also a pitcher on the Mets. Other teams that are interested are believed to be the Marlins, Cubs, Royals, and Astros.