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Mets Trade Report "False"

Several reports that said the Mets were close to acquiring Johan Santana are reportedly false, according to one NL source. He said the Mets were never willing to part with five of their top prospects, and that is as far as it got. Maybe it got blown out of proportion. I think they would have been willing to part with three, and then add in two low-level guys, but probably not five. That does not mean a deal is not going to happen, but I think it is farther away than everybody thinks. As for the Yankees, I'm sure Hank Steinbrenner wants back in. However, I think teams are starting to realize that they are better off waiting until he becomes a free agent. The Twins do not have the money to resign Johan Santana, and I'm sure teams would happily sacrifice a draft pick instead of five top prospects. This is far from over, but I think teams realize they are better off waiting for him to hit the market than offer up all their prospects, and sign him to a mega-deal.

Rangers close to deal with Jennings:
The Rangers are closing in on a deal with free agent pitcher Jason Jennings. Jennings pitched with the Astros last season so isn't going far in 2008.

A's Join Cameron Race:
The Mike Cameron race is heating up with the Brewers, Yankees, and now the Athletics joining in. He might get a better deal after all now that his demand is high. They are also interested in Rondell White and Reggie Sanders, but probably at minor-league deals.

Brewers shopping Bill Hall?: The Brewers are reportedly trying to trade Bill Hall. They have interest in Pedro Feliz, and if they sign him, could move Braun to left. I think they will only trade Hall if they sign Mike Cameron.

Indians rename Jacobs Field: Welcome to Progressive Field, Home of the Cleveland Indians. Hmm...not bad. Let me hear from some Indians fans on this one...