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Orioles In Talks With Dotel, Barajas

The Orioles continue to look for arms for their bullpen and have been in contact with the agents of Octavio Dotel. Dotel would be perfect for the Orioles because he has closer experience, something the Orioles are looking for. Last season, Dotel was 2-1 with a 4.11 ERA and 11 SV. He hasn't had much chance to show his stuff in the closer spot, but would definitely help the Orioles depleted bullpen. Also, the Orioles are looking to add a backup catcher and have talked with free agent Rod Barajas. Barajas struggled in 48 games with the Phillies in 2007 hitting .230 with 4 HR, but should come at a reduced price for the Orioles. I do not think he will make much of a difference for the '08 Orioles. I hate to beat this story to the ground, but when Orioles President Andy McPhail was asked if talks between the Orioles and Cubs were dead, he said: "We haven't closed any doors."