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Orioles Offer Bedard Extension

I feel like I have only talked about Erik Bedard and Johan Santana over the past couple of weeks, but here is the latest in the Bedard saga. The reason the trade is held up is because the Orioles are making one last push to sign Bedard. It is believed that he is looking for a seven year deal worth 100 million dollars, but might have to settle for a five year deal worth 75 million dollars. Still not bad, and I think if they do offer that he will take it. The Orioles are not known for signing pitchers to mega deals, so I think they are hoping he will sign to a hometown discount. However, I think they will trade him. They have the chance to acquire a proven pitcher, who is still young, and a very good outfielder with All-Star potential. To lock up Bedard and risk injury would only hurt the Orioles for the future. Although Angelos would love to keep his core guys together, my prediction is that he will be traded by the end of the week after serious talks fail to get anything done.

More on this as it develops.