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Orioles Should Trade Bedard, Now

The Orioles have been trying to trade Erik Bedard for over a month now, and it appears that Bedard is feeling unwanted. Bedard has been shopped to the Cubs and Mariners aggressively over the past couple of weeks, and I think Bedard was hoping they would try to lock him long term rather than try and trade him. So what does this mean for the Orioles this season? Personally, I think this will cause tension in the Orioles clubhouse and may lead to poor performance from Bedard. If I was Andy McPhail, I would take the deal the Mariners are offering for Bedard because not only will they be getting several top prospects, but they might clear some tension in the clubhouse. We'll see what happens, but the Orioles should be looking to make a trade.

In other news...

- The Red Sox and Yankees appear to be out of Johan Santana trade talks.

- The White Sox are working on a contract extension for Bobby Jenks.

- Marlon Byrd talks with the Cubs are still alive.

- Jason Bay is upset with Pirates lack of moves.