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Pirates Hope To Sign Chacon

Free agent Shawn Chacon is still in talks with the Pirates about a long term deal. Chacon, who was 5-4 with a 3.94 ERA in 64 games, has been a key asset for the Pirates over the past two seasons. Not only is he just 30, but he was the Pirates 'utility pitcher' last season having pitched in the rotation and bullpen. Some of the Pirates young pitchers are not progressing as fast as some had hoped, so having Chacon available allows them to use their money towards better upgrades. However, do not assume that he is going to the Pirates. His agent, Danny Horwits, said that they are still talking to several teams pursuing his services. I'm not sure what Chacon is looking at right now, but expect it to be in between Octavio Dotel and J.C. Romero's contracts.

Mike Matheny looking to make comeback?: The Cardinals and Mike Matheny are talking about a potential comeback for the catcher, who ended his career early after several concussions. However, he has been working out and has reported no discomfort after them. Although I think he is a long shot to make the team, he was a pretty good catcher for the Cardinals at the time. His numbers don't look that way, but he worked very well with his pitchers