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Rays Acquire Aybar

The Rays today acquired infielders Willy Aybar and Chase Fontaine from the Braves in exchange for left hander Jeff Ridgway. What a great trade for the Rays. In 95 games for the Rome Braves, Fontaine, 22 hit .288 with 3 HR and an OBP OF .402. Aybar, who did not play in 2007, has a career average of .292 with a .387 OBP. Both players have the chance to help the club if they continue to play like they have while Ridgway, who pitched in 0.1 innings in three games, has an ERA of 189.00. Yes he is a lefty, but an average one at best. I do not see how the Braves thought this trade would help. I assume because of off field problems with Aybar, that they just wanted him gone.