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Reaction Time

Cardinals Extend Molina: The Cardinals and catcher Yadier Molina have agreed to a four year deal worth 15.5 million dollars.

REACTION: Not bad, money wise. But Molina only hit .275 with 6 HR and 40 RBI in 111 games last season. However, he is just 25 and is very solid behind the plate. A close friend and major league scout told me that Molina can call a very good game, which is always important with a catcher. There are not many good catchers available right now, so to lock up an average one could turn out to be good in the long run.

White Sox Sign Dotel: The White Sox and Octavio Dotel have agreed to a two year deal worth 11 million dollars.

REACTION: Dotel did very well for the Royals last season and should help the White Sox out in the 'pen. The money isn't as extreme as Linebrink, which is good.

Cubs, Orioles talks back on?: The Cubs and Orioles have reportedly been given the go ahead to get a deal done. According to Phil Rogers, the deal would send Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts to the Cubs for at least seven prospects, including both Sean Gallagher and Felix Pie.

REACTION: Do it. This is a good trade for both sides. It gives the Cubs the upper hand in the division and allows them to pursue a Marlon Byrd trade, or sign someone like Kenny Lofton. Unloading your system is not always a bad thing, it just means that you must go out and draft players that will ask for more money. The Cubs will be able to keep Jeff Samardzija, along with Tyler Colvin, and have other prospects that will not be included in the deal. Although they acquire someone at the top of the order, Bedard has had some durability problems, which you'd hate to see happen if you unload seven prospects.

Colon stock falling: The three top teams in the Colon race appear to be losing interest.

REACTION: This definitely means that something is still not right which means he will probably have to take a minor league deal. I don't consider them out yet because they might be willing to give a minor league deal, but we'll see. Teams that had interest in Colon included the Mets, White Sox, Indians, and Royals.

More coming soon...