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Report: Cubs to Acquire Roberts

According to ESPN 1000 in Chicago, the Cubs and Orioles have reached a tentative agreement on a trade that would send Brian Roberts to the Cubs for at least three players. It sounds iffy because no players are known but it is believed that they are holding off on announcing it until this weekends Cubs Convention. The Cubs have been known to save announcements on signings and such till the Convention. Last year, it was the signing of Jeff Samardjiza, so it is possible. Also, with the signing of Jon Lieber it would make sense they would trade a pitcher like Sean Marshall or Sean Gallagher. More on this as it unfolds...

UPDATE: One baseball insider confirmed through email that the Cubs would like to make another move this off season before pitchers and catchers report. He went on to say that he has not heard anything about a deal being close, but said a deal is likely to go down before the end of the month.

UPDATE 2: Chicago Tribune's Paul Sullivan writes that GM Jim Hendry declined to address the latest rumors that a Roberts deal was imminent.

UPDATE 3: No word yet on whether or not this is true. It seems ESPN 1000 got ahead of themselves a little bit. The Daily Herald believes the Orioles would prefer to trade Bedard before Roberts, so we will see what happens.