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Rockies Still On Giles, Towers

The Rockies continue to work out the kinks in a one year deal with Marcus Giles, according to his agent. Giles struggled with the Padres last season but has seen success in previous years with the Braves. His agent, Joe Bick, has said that other teams are interested, and it seems that the Rockies have the best chance. The Rockies are also very serious about Josh Towers, solely because he will provide pitching depth. They are also interested in pitcher Victor Zambrano, but have pitchers Franklin Morales and Brandon Hynick emerging as legitimate prospects. I have heard some news that the Cubs are shopping Sean Marshall, mostly because he cannot thrive behind similar pitchers Ted Lilly and Rich Hill. He would be a solid pickup, because he has potential and would not cost too much, maybe a pair of prospects, like pitcher Keith Weiser and a position player. The Marlins, Orioles, Twins, and Rangers are some of the teams I have been hearing have had interest, but nothing seems imminent. I do not know if the Rockies will contend for the division in 2008, but they certainly have the players to contend in the future.