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Royals Sign Tomko

The Royals and Brett Tomko have agreed to a one year deal worth three million dollars, a sign that talks with Bartolo Colon went south. Tomko was 4-12 with a 5.55 ERA and 105 K with the Dodgers and Padres last season, and probably has spot at the bottom of the Royals rotation. I like this signing by the Royals. Although Tomko has never been an All-Star type pitcher, he could help the Royals with his experience, and might get a boost being in a younger clubhouse. The Royals need depth, and that is exactly why he was brought in.

Attention Cubs!: I have been getting some emails over the weekend about the Marlon Byrd rumor. I have heard it is just speculation, but why not sign Kenny Lofton? Lofton is a good one year option and can be traded at the deadline for more than he is worth. Lofton was a favorite of Cubs fans and would probably welcome a return to outfield knowing he would be spending time between right and center.

Hinske to Diamondbacks?: Eric Hinske is closing in on a deal with an unknown team, according to the Boston Herald. They think it might be the Diamondbacks, but their bench is pretty good. It might be the Giants, who are looking for a corner infielder.