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Scott Boras Effect: Lohse's Price Falls

Super agent Scott Boras strikes again. This time, it is with client Kyle Lohse. Boras came into the off season asking for a four year deal worth 40 million dollars, but teams were unwilling to go that high. Boras probably thought that teams would give in and offer it, but they have waited patiently, and Boras is now backing off his demands. From what I heard, we could see his deal drop to a Jason Marquis type deal, around 25 million dollars over three years. I also heard Kyle Lohse is not too happy. But what do you expect after you have compiled a 63-74 record with a 4.82 ERA? Do you think you deserve a big deal like that? It is safe to assume that Lohse will not be going to the AL, so I think it is between the Mets, Cardinals, and Reds. In any free agent race, there is always a surprise team, so there is no guarantee on who it is between just yet.