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A's Street Not Going Anywhere

With the A's fire-sale still in motion, more and more people believe that Huston Street is the next player to go. With the addition of Joey Devine from the Braves, it possibly makes him expendable. However, even though he has put together three solid years, he probably could not net several top prospects, yet. In three years with the Athletics, Street is 14-7 with a 2.58 ERA and 76 SV, in just 199 innings. Street isn't even a free agent until 2011, so until he puts up a incredible year that can lands him a large one year contract, the A's have no reason to trade him. I think the Athletics, although I have not spoken with anyone, would love to lock him up to a four or five year deal, making six to seven million dollars annually. Street will file for arbitration soon, and we will find out then when we know what kind of salary he is looking for.