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White Sox Cool On Crisp

Despite reports before the New Year that said the White Sox were in talks with the Red Sox about Coco Crisp, they are no longer interested. Probably because of the addition of Nick Swisher, who was told by GM Kenny Williams that he will be playing center field. I think Swisher is better than Crisp, mostly because he hits for power, gets on base, and is above average in the outfield. There are still a couple teams interested in Crisp, but he probably won't be leaving until the Santana saga ends. Among teams interested, the Cardinals, Braves, Twins, and Cubs remain interested, but are not ready to give up too much to land him. I expect the Red Sox to platoon Ellsbury and Crisp in 2008, with Ellsbury getting the majority of the playing time. We'll see what happens, but the longer the Red Sox wait on Santana, the less likely it is that they trade Crisp.