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White Sox Might Bring Back Familiar Face

The White Sox are hosting their annual Winter Warm up, aka "Sox Fest," and might be looking to make a move to fight off their aggressive fans. According to the Arlington Heights Daily Herald, the White Sox are looking into signing pitchers Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia. Both pitchers are coming off surgeries, but could make the squad nonetheless. I heard last week that the White Sox were losing interest in Colon because of his shady medical records, but that might not be so. As for Garcia, he was very good with the White Sox and I know he is a fan of Ozzie Guillen, so he might be willing to return. I know the Mets were interested, but with the signing of Hernandez, it seems less likely. Calls put in to Kenny Williams were not immediately returned, but I expect something to happen sooner rather than later to pump up the fans and players for the 2008 season.