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Astros, Chacon Close?

The Astros and Shawn Chacon are reportedly closing in on a one year deal. Chacon, 30, will definitely help the Astros pitching considering how versatile he was for the Pirates in the bullpen and rotation in 2007. Chacon is 37-46 with a 4.89 ERA in 119 career starts and 6-12 with 36 saves and a 5.39 ERA in 135 career relief appearances in nine seasons with the Rockies, Yankees, and Pirates. Many pitchers are starting to find homes but what about Kyle Lohse? Lohse was looking at thirty million dollars and his agent, Scott Boras, supposedly ruined that for him by refusing to back down. I think Lohse's best deal probably lies with the Phillies, but could come from a team who offers a minor league deal in the next week or so. Lohse has to sign soon so he is ready for the regular season. I expect something to get done this week with Lohse.