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Could Schilling Be Traded?

The Red Sox have reported to camp and many are starting to believe that they have what it takes to be a dynasty. I can't say I disagree. They are young, they have been together for awhile, and they are only getting better. However, it seems that Curt Schilling might be on the outs among some Red Sox pitchers, management, and other players. He is a regular blogger on his website, but seems to voice his opinions too often. I am sure that causes some problems in the clubhouse and it could lead to a trade if it becomes too much. Not only that, but he wasn't too impressive last season, but shined in the playoffs. Furthermore, he is blocking Clay Buchholz from starting with the Red Sox, so if he does well, they could ship some cash and Schilling to a team looking for a solid pitcher. I can't say which teams will need a pitcher in four months, but we could see the Cubs or Dodgers come in hoping to put them over the top in their respective divisions.