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Mariners Complete Deal For Bedard

The Mariners and Orioles have finally finalized a deal that will send Erik Bedard to the Mariners for top prospects Adam Jones and Chris Tillman, along with George Sherrill, Chris Tillman, and Kam Mickolio. The Mariners are definitely someone to look out for in the AL West with Bedard, Hernandez, and Silva in the one, two, and three spots. However, their hitting is still weak and got weaker after they traded Jones. I assume Brad Wilkerson will get the starting job but it would not surprise me if they brought in another temporary outfielder, maybe Corey Patterson or Kenny Lofton. I think this trade is a big win for the Orioles because they acquire two major league players in Jones and Sherrill, and Tillman has the potential to be very good.

So what is next for the Orioles?

My guess is they will try and trade Brian Roberts one more time, looking for a package that includes Sean Gallagher and at least two other players from the Cubs. If they do not trade Roberts, I still expect them to go out and get a veteran pitcher, maybe someone like Jeff Weaver or Steve Trachsel. If anything happens, I am sure they would like to get it done before pitchers and catchers report next week.