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Mets, Santana Finalize Deal

The Mets and Johan Santana have reached an agreement on a seven year deal worth 150.75 million dollars. Now, all that has to be done is a physical and he will be a New York Met. Although I did not want to see Johan Santana become a New York Met, I think it was a solid pick up by the Mets. Although he will be under contract until he is thirty-six, several pitchers have pitched successfully till then, and even longer. It isn't unreasonable to say that Santana could pitch successfully until he is thirty-six. But, will he be able to say injury free? Another problem I have with this trade is pitchers nearly as good as him, like CC Sabathia, will now be asking for ridiculous amounts of money.

Still, the Mets gave up hardly anything in this trade and acquired a pitcher who will be very dominant for at least the next four seasons. Not only that, but they did not give up Fernando Martinez, their top prospect.

Full breakdown and analysis on this trade tomorrow. Stay tuned.