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News and Notes: Bobby Cox Not Done Yet

Long time Braves manager Bobby Cox told reporters on the first day of Spring Training that he is not retiring for sure after this season. That is good for Braves fans, who see no legitimate replacement looking for a job. Cox is a genius when it comes to developing players, and is also respected for his relationships with players. I assume that when Cox is done, he will take a Special Assistant job in the Front Office, so he won't be far from the clubhouse. As for replacements for next year, I think hitting coach Terry Pendleton will be considered, along with Cubs bench coach Alan Trammell. I will have to look more closely at other coaches, but I am sure whatever happens, Bobby Cox will have a lot of say in what goes down.

still looking to make a trade: The Padres are still trying to make a trade for an outfielder an are eying Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, and Matt Murton. I think Nady is the most likely to land in San Diego, just because the Pirates are more willing to deal him.

Crisp could be traded soon?: According to the Providence Journal, the Red Sox are looking to acquire a starting pitcher and have talked to the Rangers, White Sox, and Cubs. Jason Marquis to Boston? Jose Contreras?

Noah Lowry still on block?: The Giants are still looking to trade Noah Lowry and is drawing some minor interest. I assume the Red Sox might be interested, and probably the White Sox as well.

Colon still jobless: Bartolo Colon is still looking for a job and might have to take a non-guaranteed deal to show that he can pitch effectively. Other notable players still unsigned include Kenny Lofton, Kyle Lohse, and Corey Patterson.

Bush to pardon Clemens?: According to McNamee's lawyer, if Roger Clemens is charged in the steroid scandal, President Bush will pardon Clemens because of their close relationship.