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News and Notes: Pitchers Looking Good

Now that pitchers have reported and started their workouts, many are calling for big years from certain players. According to Richard Griffin, Mike Mussina not only looks better than he did last Spring, but he is also working with young pitchers Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes. He went on to talk about Kei Igawa, who has been working to improve on his stuff for next season. I doubt that he will make the rotation, and I think it wiill be a struggle for him to make the bullpen. In the AL West, Ervin Santana has reportedly been working hard so far and looks a lot better. Personally, I think Santana would be a solid pickup if you are doing Fantasy Baseball this year. I wouldn't gamble on Mussina just yet, but Santana and Hughes would be solid late round pickups. Another solid pick up in the late rounds would be B.J. Ryan, who is looking very good since being cleared to throw after surgery.

Jay Payton likely to be traded?
: Jay Payton is the odd man out in the Orioles outfield, and they have yet to find a suitor for the thirty-five year old making five million dollars. Not only
that, but his numbers in 2007 leave the Orioles in no position to make demands.

Willie Randolph on hot seat?:
Bob Klapisch belives that Willie Randolph's job is on the line if he fails to make it to the playoffs. I can't say I disagree. Randolph was helpless towards the end of the last season and did hardly anything to turrn it around. However, the players love him and if they rally for him, he might stay.

Trevor Hoffman still caught on Rockies game:
Hoffman has said before that he still thinks about the Rockies game. This spring he has been working from the windup, moving away from his trademark stretch. Why would he move away from the stretch? It has only been his style that has gotten him 524 saves, the most all time.

Cubs plan to make more trades?:
Matt Murton has no place in the Cubs outfield despite his ability to hit for power. He is pretty good off the bench, but if he can"t get 400 at bats, I think they should trade him. Another name is Sean Marshall, who is very similar to Ted Lilly and Rich Hill. I think he has the potential to be very good, but it is obvious that the Cubs do not want him behind Hill or Lilly.