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Padres Interest Turns To Gross

The Padres are looking for an outfielder and have turned their interest to outfielder Gabe Gross. Gross hit .235 with 7 HR in 95 games, but he is just 28 and could be the Padres outfielder for the next couple of years. Furthermore, the Padres will not have to give up as much as they would if they were to trade for Xavier Nady or Matt Murton, so that makes him an even more solid pick up. The Brewers are likely to unload him because there is no room in the Padres outfield, so they might be willing to take less. They have Tony Gwynn and Gabe Kapler behind Mike Cameron, Ryan Braun, and Corey Hart, so carrying six outfielders seems pointless. The A's and Indians were believed to be interested in him as well, but I think the Padres are the most likely to trade for him.