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Pirates Sign Freddy Sanchez

The Pirates and Freddy Sanchez agreed to a two year deal worth eleven million dollars. I think that Sanchez is a good player, but he does not give the Pirates anything but his average. He has hit .313 over the past three seasons but has contributed just 22 homeruns to his team. Not only that, but he is thirty, and that money could definitely be better spent. The Pirates really do not have much they can trade that would bring them young talent that is ready to play, but they could spend that kind of money on the market to improve their team. I think Neal Huntington knows how to build a team, but Sanchez is not the kind of player you build a team around.

I think they will trade Jason Bay this season, but beyond that, they do not have much future in the improving NL Central. Bay almost landed them five prospects, but the Pirates called off the trade with the Indians. If he can turn his numbers around and start off strong, I am sure he could land some pretty good players. We'll see what happens, but I think the best thing they can do is trade Bay sooner rather than later.