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Players Likely On The Move

Wes Helms, Phillies: The Phillies signed Pedro Feliz and that immediately pushed Greg Dobbs to the bench and Wes Helms to the block. I think the Marlins and Phillies will get something done. Other than the Marlins, I do not see much interest. We could see him go to the Royals and platoon with Gordon and Gload at the corners, but that seems unlikely. The best option for both clubs looks to be the Marlins, because the Marlins need a third baseman and the Phillies might be able to squeeze more out of them that way.

When will it go down?: Spring Training.

Scott Hatteberg, Reds: Hatteberg did very well for the Reds last season; but, Joey Votto splashed on the scene last season and is ready to play everyday. Obviously, Hatteberg will be allowed to compete for the job, but he is already way behind. As for teams that may look to acquire him, I think the Mets might look if (most likely when) Carlos Delgado goes down. I considered the Yankees a contender until they signed Ensberg, but it is still possible. The Giants are an option, especially if talks with either Sweeney go south.

When will it go down?: Spring Training-early May.

Coco Crisp, Red Sox: Coco Crisp is going to be traded within the week, but where? I think if the Red Sox are willing to take a chunk of Crisp's salary, the Royals might be interested. They were not happy with DeJesus last season and it would allow the Royals to platoon him with Teahen. Beyond them, the Indians might be willing to reacquire him if the price was right. Crisp was a fan favorite in Cleveland from what I hear, and would probably accept the role in left field.

When will it go down?: Within the next week.

Joe Crede, White Sox: If Crede enters Spring Training healthy and can preform in the first week or so, he will be heading to the Giants. They already have a deal in place.

When will it go down?: Spring Training.

Joe Nathan, Twins: The Twins and Joe Nathan are talking a long term deal, but if they can't work anything out, they might trade him. Several outlets have suggested the Cubs would try to acquire him, but they are set right now with three possible closers. If K-Rod decides to bolt for the Yankees, which many expect he will, the Angels might take a chance on Nathan.

When will it go down?: Trade Deadline.

Chone Figgins, Angels: This news came to me as I was working on this. One source I talk to frecuently believes that if the Cubs fail to acquire Roberts, they may look to acquire Chone Figgins of the Angels. He went on to say that the Cubs are determined to get a speedy lead off hitter and would like to get one before the start of Spring Training, so this week.

When will it gown down?: Spring Training, if necessary.

Honorable mention: Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Brandon Inge, Juan Pierre.