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Rangers Sign Kinsler

The Rangers and Ian Kinsler have agreed to a five year extension worth 22 million dollars, according to Although Kinsler hit just .263 with 20 HR, the deal buys out all years of arbitration and two years of free agency, so if he improves, this will be an even better deal for the Rangers. The Rangers have been involved with trade talks concerning Marlon Byrd, but I think they are done making moves this spring. As for locking other players up, if Josh Hamilton puts out another good year and plays 130-145 games, he might be worthy of one. Also, young catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia is entering his second year in the bigs and he could get a big deal if he plays up to his potential. I think it is still early for him, but they do have several young players that can lead this team. However, they lack solid pitching which I think is hurting them in the division.