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Rays Considering Bonds?

Rays officials are holding discussions about the possibility of bringing in outfielder and DH Barry Bonds. Bonds makes sense for the Rays because he would fit nicely in the DH spot, somewhere that they have struggled to fill. Yes, they have Johnny Gomes, but he and Cliff Floyd could fit in and play some outfield and first base and see their fair share of at-bats. Furthermore, if Barry Bonds has to leave the team for an extended amount of time, Floyd and Gomes could fit in. Manager Joe Maddon seems open to having him in the clubhouse, but I wonder if the players would like him in the clubhouse. Some of those guys are really thriving because they are being allowed to develop while not having to worry about media coverage. If Bonds were there, it might draw a lot of unwanted attention to the clubhouse. Both the Rays and Bonds agent said talks are not serious, but Bonds' agent said Japan was not out of the question.