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Red Sox Sign Youkilis

Just a week before the Red Sox and Kevin Youkilis were to go to an arbitration hearing, they reached an agreement on a one year deal worth three million dollars. Youkilis filed for 3.7 million dollars while the Red Sox countered with 2.525. They reached the half way point and signed this deal so Youkilis would not have it hanging over his head come Spring Training. I think this is a fair deal, especially because Youkilis hit .288 with 16 HR and 83 RBIs, and performed well in the playoffs. Not only that, but he indicated that he would like to stay with the Red Sox long term so by avoiding arbitration, it makes it more likely.

Lofton to Reds?: Ken Rosenthal at believes Kenny Lofton might join Dusty Baker in Cincinnati. It would allow the Reds to give Bruce some more time in Triple-A and it would give the Reds a solid center fielder, who is always drawing interest at the trade deadline. So, if Bruce was to do well and was ready to take over everyday, they could trade Lofton at the deadline and give the spot to Bruce.

Alan Embree on the move?: The A's seem more likely to move Alan Embree than Joe Blanton at this point. Embree went 1-2 last season with a 3.91 ERA and 17 SV. As of right now, I do not know where he will go. If I had to guess, maybe the Astros. Other than that, the Tigers could jump in.

Where will Corey Patterson go?: Patterson is probably looking for a minor league deal now after looking for a job all off season and finding no teams willing to meet his demands. I could see the Cubs making a move if they do not acquire Roberts. It would give them an option if Pie fails, and I think some fans would give him another shot. However, the Cubs do have several options out there, including his Corey's brother, Eric Patterson. The Braves might dish out a minor league contract to bring in the Georgia native. We'll know soon enough.