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Reds, A's Talks Back On

The Reds and Athletics are talking another deal that would send Joe Blanton to the Reds for at least three prospects. Personally, I do not think this deal will get done. The Reds have four very good prospects in Homer Bailey, Johnny Cueto, Joey Votto, and Jay Bruce, but have already ruled out a trade involving Jay Bruce. The A's will definitely ask for two of the four, along with at least two other above average prospects in the system. A deal involving Joey Votto and Homer Bailey along with two prospects would definitely go through, but I doubt the Reds would do it. However, the Reds said they would not rule out a trade. Blanton was 14-10 with a 3.95 ERA and 140 K, numbers that would most likely improve with the Reds. He reminds me some of Aaron Harang, and both of them at the top of the rotation would definitely put them in contention with the Cubs and Brewers in 2008.

Athletics Talking To Foulke: The Athletics are reportedly in serious talks with closer Keith Foulke. I assume it is a minor league deal, but it could turn out for the better. However, Foulke was only reaching 86 on his fastball when he last had an open workout.