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Top Pitchers Close To Finding Homes

Top free agent pitchers Kyle Lohse and Livan Hernandez are getting closer to finding new homes. The Mets are talking to both pitchers and will probably offer a one year deal worth 5 million dollars to each of them, and whoever takes it first will be with the Mets. Lohse is also drawing interest from the Phillies and Reds, but I think it will be the Mets or Phillies that he ends up with. As for Hernandez, the White Sox have mild interest in adding him while teams like the Marlins, Nationals, Cardinals, and Orioles are interested only if his price comes down to the five million dollar range. I expect both of them to be signed shortly after the Santana deal is finalized.

Red Sox sign Casey: The Red Sox and Sean Casey have agreed to a one year deal worth 700,000 dollars, an indication that Tony Clark might be on his way to the Giants.