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2008 American League Standings Projections

American League East

1. Boston Red Sox: 95-67 W-L

2. New York Yankees: 92-70 W-L

3. Toronto Blue Jays: 88-74 W-L

4. Tampa Bay Rays: 73-89 W-L

5. Baltimore Orioles: 57-105 W-L

Rationale: The Blue Jays and Rays are really going to surprise us this year, and I think they will be in the race all season. The RedSox are solid up and down and should be able to take the division, but it won't be as easy as everyone thinks.

American League Central

1. Cleveland Indians: 93-69 W-L

2. Detroit Tigers: 91-71 W-L

3. Minnesota Twins: 80-82 W-L

4. Chicago White Sox: 79-83 W-L

5. Kansas City Royals: 74-88 W-L

Rationale: Yes, the Tigers improved their offense to give themselves one of the best offenses in the game, but they failed to improve their bullpen. The bullpen is the most important part of the game and to be lacking early on will only hurt them. If they can get some bullpen help early, I think they are the favorite. The Twins and Sox are pretty equal, but they could turn out to be better than expected. The Royals definitely helped themselves this offseason, but need to focus on their starting pitching in the next offseason to really make a serious run.

American League West Standings

1. Seattle Mariners: 93-69 W-L

2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: 89-73 W-L

3. Texas Rangers: 77-85 W-L

4. Oakland Athletics: 74-88 W-L

Rationale: I think the injuries to the Angels early on will hurt them, putting the Mariners ahead early. Many have been critical of the Carlos Silva signing, but his double-digit wins might send the Mariners to the playoffs. Not to mention that they also have ErikBedard . As for the Rangers and A's, the A's have a lot of question marks and the Rangers pitching is weak. It is going to be close between them, as you can see.