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2008 National League Standings Projections

National League East

1. Atlanta Braves: 92-70 W-L

2. New York Mets: 88-74 W-L

3. Philadelphia Phillies: 84-78 W-L

4. Washington Nationals: 69-93 W-L

5. Florida Marlins: 64-98 W-L

Rationale: The Phillies pitching will need to put out a better showing if they want to repeat in the division. But after losing Brad Lidge, the bullpen is not as good. If they can put together a strong bullpen, maybe they will be in the race. The Mets have nagging injuries that will hurt them, despite adding Johan Santana. As for the Braves, they have a strong lineup and a deep rotation. If one of their veteran relievers fall, they have a young impressive pitcher to step up.Yunel Escobar is a breakout candidate and Mark Teixeira all year will definitely help.

National League Central

1. Chicago Cubs: 89-73 W-L

2. Milwaukee Brewers: 87-75

3. Cincinnati Reds: 83-79 W-L

4. Houston Astros: 73-89 W-L

5. St. Louis Cardinals: 70-92 W-L

6. Pittsburgh Pirates: 63-99 W-L

Rationale: I see the Cubs and Brewers fighting it out all year again, but the Cubs coming out on top. They have a lot of crucial games that they will be playing and I see the veteran Cubs being able to hold out in late September rather than some of their rookies. Not only that, but they do not have Gallardo early on and I think that will hurt them too. Yes, it is only two or three starts, but the games early on always come back to haunt you.

National League West

1. Arizona Diamondbacks: 94-68 W-L

2. San Diego Padres: 90-72 W-L

3. Colorado Rockies: 88-74 W-L

4. Los Angeles Dodgers: 86-76 W-L

5. San Francisco Giants: 58-104 W-L

Rationale: The Diamondbacks are a very impressive team and got better with the addition of Dan Haren. A full year from Justin Upton, and improved years from Drew and Young make me think this team is a serious contender for the World Series. The Padres have assembled a good team and their younger players should improve on what they have. Kouzmanoff is a breakout canidate and so is Adrain Gonzalez. Michael Barrett will be entering a new year and is ready to return to his old form. The Rockies are great team, but I do not think we will be seeing them in Rocktober.