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2008 Top 100 Prospects: 11-20

11. Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox
- Ellsbury splashed on the scene this past season and hit very well, made great plays, and fit in perfectly with the Red Sox. He showed great poised playing well in the playoffs and he should go far.

12. Rick Porcello, Tigers
- Porcello was phenomenal in high school and has been absolutely outstanding in Spring Training. He has found his release point, he is getting ahead of hitters, and he has great movement. He could be up with the Tigers in September.

13. Matt Wieters, Orioles
- He has shown his ability to work with veteran pitchers, which is hard to find in young catchers. Not only that, but he is a switch hitter who did not show any problems hitting from both sides in Spring Training.

14. Homer Bailey, Reds
- The Reds have gotten better and Bailey's pitching style should put out good numbers. The Reds solid defense will prevent poor plays that will put runs across.

15. Brandon Wood, Angels
- Has shown great power and the ability to hit the gaps, and he has finally been told what position to play. He will help the Angels and their style of play.

16. Matt LaPorta, Brewers
- Although he is twenty-three, LaPorta dominated the Arizona Fall League and has shown that he can hit the ball hard, and hit for power and average. He will be the next Brewers power hitter, without a doubt.

17. Jake McGee, Rays
- He is just twenty-one, a lefty, and has incredible stuff. He is a little inconsistent, but his strikeout numbers are incredible. He should do well as the Rays start to find their role in the AL East.

18. Fernando Martinez, Mets
- The thin, speedy nineteen year old hit a 400 foot homerun when he was sixteen at Mets camp. He has only improved from their showing his speed, ability to hit for average, and cannon from the outfield.

19. Elvis Andrus, Rangers
- Should fill in nicely when Michael Young is gone. He is just 19, and is already hitting above .300. He came over from the Braves, and is likely to be a big player for the Rangers in the future.

20. Carlos Gonzalez, Athletics
- Gonzalez came over from the Diamondbacks in the Dan Haren trade, and he should be playing everyday in 2009. He has great power, he is a solid fielder, and is working to become more patient at the plate. Either way, he will soon match his Future Game Appearances with All-Star Games.

21-30 coming this Thursday!